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Libbey Split face * Tiki glas
Libbey Split face * Tiki glas Libbey Split face * Tiki glas.. Product #: 410060 Regular price: $4.96 $4.96 999946

Libbey Split face * Tiki glas


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Libbey Split face * Tiki glas

Turn your glass and chance your mood with this Tiki split cocktail glass, the perfect way to serve up traditional Hawaiian cocktails in true tropical style. Libbey offers a broad range of tumblers or excentric ceramic mugs to present your cocktail creations in authentic South Pacific Tiki Style.
Libbey has been founded in the States in 1818 and has developed into an authentic brand with clear roots and a solid reputation as thé glassware for professionals. The design is distinctive, timeless and creative, always keeping up with the latest trends. Libbey’s glassware is strong and durable, even when used frequently. The company’s patented toughening processes Duratuff and Safedge, guarantee a lower product replacement rate due to less breakage and chipping, making Libbey glassware an excellent choice for professionals.

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